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"Sustainability guides the designer"
There was an article about Mori Collective's designer Tytti in Oulu's newspaper Kaleva on 1.4.2020. Tytti discusses about moving back to home town Oulu and to a new collective work space in Pikisaari, the effects of the corona situation and upcoming collections.
Friends Sale at Pikisaari, Oulu
We are having a pop-up sales at our temporarily location at Pikisaari, Oulu on Sat 22.2.2020.
Needleleaf Lookbook
Needleleaf forests are evergreen and get through all seasons.
Dark Matter – Love & Recycle
The Dark Matter recycled pieces are made of recycled fabrics. Read more about inspiration, materials and tips for care.
Waste Side Story III
Pure Waste’s fabrics turned into impressive creations in the hands of talented Finnish designers of clothing, accessories and jewellery.
Valentine's Treat
Happy Valentine's day! Listen to our Valentine’s playlist inspired by love, our favourite songs, boss girls and Mori Collective's clothing named after special songs ♡ 
Neonyt Berlin January 2019
The Neonyt, formerly known as Ethical Fashion Show, was held at Kraftwerk Berlin on 15 – 17 of January 2019. NEONYT is the global platform for tomorrow’s fashion and sustainable innovation. 
Rewind / Now
“The mystical dark sky and the scent of earth after the rain are signs of a new season – a sweet time of stillness. Something that is yet so familiar yet a fresh start. Let us rewind and stay present even on the edge of change.”
Crystal Seeker

Mori’s Crystal Seeker print is designed in collaboration with illustrator and graphic designer Eija Vehviläinen. Tytti collected father’s old photographs from her home, and Eija started to design crystal shapes out of them and combine these with her own patterns.

WWF Collaboration

Mori Collective donates 20€ from each sold bomber jacket to WWF Finland’s work to protect endangered nature. Welcome to the Jungle Bomber Jackets are mostly made of recycled materials.

Work in progress
Photographer Matti Ollila visited our work space some time ago. Here is what he captured that day.
Metallic Shine
The Metallic Shine collection was inspired by left over metallic fabrics combined with mellow wool and organic cotton velour. These materials were shaped into shimmering and relaxed pieces with a balance between softness and glow. 
Northern Seas
These northern shores attract me year after year. I long for breathing the salty ocean air, picking up shells and watching sunsets surrounded by mountains. When I’m not there, I can close my eyes and see the colors of the Northern Seas.
Helsinki Launch
We finally had a small Mori Collective launch party at Rupla, Helsinki last weekend. We had our first fashion show, and the awesome DJ duo D.R.E.A.M. played great rnb & rap music. Beer was served by Ice Beaver.
Recycling – From Waste to Diamonds
As the natural resources decreases, we should all start consuming in a more sustainable way. We all should start to demand and buy quality. Quality fabrics last long and can be recycled time and time again.
Bothnia Savages
For a few months, our friends Pauliina and Aino have been living in a cottage on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, in Meri-Pori. The aim has been to search for waves, experiment on sustainable life-style, and increase the concern over nature. 
Work space
Our work space is located in the heart of Vallila, an old industrial area in Helsinki. The room is in a former factory building which is nowadays transformed into rooms full of music, art and various other creative activities.