Hiding Sun

Our MORICO Hiding Sun is a consciously crafted fashion collection for this winter. As usual, the Finnish nature has been the best source of inspiration, which is also reflected on the careful choice of organic and high-quality fabrics, as well as on the simple and relaxed fit of our pieces. Let us take you on a slow fashion journey to the majestic Lapland!

The Hiding Sun collection sparkles in the shades of the polar night. The Kultakero print takes you to the mountains of Lapland. Its curves are like contours that mark the mountain peaks. This is where you can witness the astounding hues which can only rarely be seen above the horizon this time of the year. These glimpses of gold and light pink remind us of the sun that hides the entire winter. 

Hiding Sun Wanderer Dress Kultakero Kaarnikka by MORICO, ethically made clothing from Finland

Let’s talk now about our long-lasting fabric, one of the core elements of our sustainable design thinking. In addition to the new Kultakero print, the most popular pieces of MORICO transform into new, fascinating colours. The new corduroy shade, Stonegrey, harmonizes with the sharp rock fields found in Lapland. The new velour shade, Kaarnikka, is a local word for crowberries that grow in the wilds of the north. Both fabrics are made of organic cotton and can be found in your favorite sustainable jacket, whose relaxed fit and roomy patch pockets make you fall in love endlessly!

Two new MORICO winter designs are called the Wanderer Sweater and the Wanderer Dress. They are examples of slow fashion at its best. You can wear them while trekking on the fells or dancing under the northern lights, but they’re perfect for simply relaxing at home as well. If you're focused on cultivating a wardrobe of considered, timeless and versatile clothes, the Wanderer sweater and dress certainly deserve a place in it. 

Welcome to a journey towards more sustainable design, slow fashion to the moon and back. 

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New collection of eco friendly clothing inspired by the Lappish light and landscapes - MORICO slow fashion from Finland
Sustainable dress Kultakero Kaarnikka from the collection Hiding Sun Wanderer by MORICO, your slow fashion label from Finland
Shop responsibly with MORICO, slow fashion from Finland - Hiding Sun Wanderer Dress Kultakero Kaarnikka
Eco-friendly clothing from Finland by MORICO: Corduroy Jacket & Trousers Stonegrey
Pictures: Hanna-Sofia Tuomikoski

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