Reused Fabrics

Textile waste can be divided into pre and post consumer textile waste. Pre-consumer textile waste is for example cutting waste of garment industry or excess material from yarn production that are recycled again to yarns and textiles before being in use. Post-consumer textile waste means garments and fabrics that have been used. There are lots of challenges in recycling both of them, but many innovations and new processes are making the recycling more widely possible.

Reused fabrics
We use also post-consumer textiles. Mainly we work with larger fabric pieces such as curtains and other home textiles from Helsinki Metropolitan area Reuse Centre and other second-hand places. There is usually enough of same fabric only for one or few pieces, which makes them very unique. Read more from our journal: "Recycling – From Waste to Diamonds".

Recycling for textiles and clothing is a tough challenge. Kierrätyskeskus receives much more textiles than it can sell. In addition, the amounts of bad quality textiles are growing continuously, and also the amount of textiles that ends up in waste incinerator plants is increasing. There are only few companies that are processing textile waste fibers in Finland, and these exciting ones get the needed fibers already from close by. Also, there are no resources to transport textile waste for long distances.

However, there are many innovations under development to make it possible to recycle post consumer textile waste efficiently and eco-friendly into re-usable fibers. One good example is a Finnish company Infinite Fiber. Their fiber technology aims to turn textile, cardboard and agricultural waste to new natural fiber that feels like cotton.

Using recycled materials for textiles and clothing is a tough challenge. We want to take our part in this and keep turning waste into diamonds.

Mori Collective Jacket - Graphite, Textile industry leftover materials

Mori Jacket is made out of textile industry left over fabrics.

Textile Industry leftover fabrics
Textile industry leftover materials are the third type of recycled fabric that we use. These surplus rolls have been left unused for some reason. Often the fiber content and country of origin is unknown. We have had surplus materials for example from a Finnish fabric company that doesn’t exist anymore, rolls with hangtag dates from 90’s etc. It is great that these fabrics are finally turned into garments.

Pure Waste
Our unisex print t-shirts and tote bags are produced by Finnish Pure Waste Textiles. It can take over 11,000 liters of fresh water to grow 1 kg of conventionally grown cotton. Therefore, it is important that none of cotton would go to waste. The products are made of leftovers from the clothing manufacturing process in India. The waste is sorted by color, then re-fibered and spun into new yarn. No dyeing is needed. These fabrics are sewed to garments. Precious textile is not wasted, and huge amount of fresh water and chemicals are saved. MORICO print designs are printed at local prints in Helsinki and Järvenpää.

MORICO Pine Tree t-shirt

Our Pine Tree t-shirt is made by Pure Waste and printed in Finland

Sustainable Materials