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A shared dream about sustainable fashion: This is how MORICO was born!✨
We are celebrating MORICO's 7th birthday this June and wanted to tell you where it all began! Read here how the idea for the brand was born and where the inspiration came from!💗
Happy News party pieces for summer parties
Looking for the perfect outfit for summer parties? Check out our new Happy News summer party pieces and find your favourite summer look!🌸
Visual arts meets slow fashion: Happy baby news turned into a piece of art
Read about how our upcoming summer pattern Happy News was born and how a painting with the same name is connected to it!💗
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 4: Helle & Huurre
Read about patterns Huurre and Helle and find out about the inspirations behind the patterns!💜
More Happy News – New patterns and slow fashion versatility
Versatility is one of the absolute delights of slow fashion; reversible and adjustable swimsuits are suitable for both the beach and parties.
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 3: Kultakero
Read about our Kultakero pattern and see what were the inspirations behind the pattern!✨
Happy News – Sneak Peek into our summer 2022 collection!
Here's a sneak peek into our summer collection Happy News. This collection has gorgeous prints and vibrant colors that are meant to put a smile on your face!
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 2: Dark Matter & Crystal Seeker
Learn about the inspirations behind our Dark Matter pattern and Crystal Seeker pattern💜
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 1: Marjaniemi
Read about our gorgeous Marjaniemi pattern and find out how the artwork was created!
Slow down with a yin yoga class

Dear MORICO-friends, we want to share you a calming yin yoga and Loving Kindness meditation by Anna-Mari Pentikäinen, so you can start slowing down to the Christmas time.

Circular collaboration with Wasteless Wonders
Recently, MORICO circular fashion label had the opportunity to collaborate with Wasteless Wonders and improve its waste management. In short, Wasteless Wonders created special pieces out of our cutting waste. Check these out!
From stress to happiness: your Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle
You know this season of endless running around to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. This supposedly joyful activity is rapidly turning into a nightmare as D-day approaches and you haven’t found yet the right Christmas present for your loved ones. Worry no more, dear friends! We have a solution to make your Christmas gift shopping smooth and easy.
Can an entrepreneur stay on maternity leave?
Yes if featuring artists and slow fashion designers take over! MORICO believes in the power of a collective: founder Tytti Alapieti can stay on maternity leave with confidence when a group of freelancers who believe in the revolution of sustainable and ethical clothing was found around.
Hiding Sun
MORICO winter collection Hiding Sun coming soon! Here's a sneak peek at our consciously crafted fashion collection for this winter. As usual, the Finnish nature has been the best source of inspiration, which is also reflected on the careful choice of organic and high-quality fabrics, as well as on the simple and relaxed fit of our pieces. Let us take you on a slow fashion journey to the majestic Lapland!
Beach Day

Here are some pics of our Helle and Dark Matter recycled swimwear at Nallikari beach. Hope that your summer will be full of sunny beach days too!

Our Swim and Yoga wear are made from recycled fishing nets, and textile production left overs. This way a new life and purpose will be given for materials left behind.

Mori Collective is now MORICO
MORICO by Mori Collective Slow fashion to the moon and back 🌔 Mori Collective is now MORICO. All of our labels are now under one name, but our heart and soul stay the same. The name MORICO combines together the...
Dark Matter – Love & Recycle
The Dark Matter recycled pieces are made of recycled fabrics. Read more about inspiration, materials and tips for care.
Waste Side Story III
Pure Waste’s fabrics turned into impressive creations in the hands of talented Finnish designers of clothing, accessories and jewellery.
Neonyt Berlin January 2019
The Neonyt, formerly known as Ethical Fashion Show, was held at Kraftwerk Berlin on 15 – 17 of January 2019. NEONYT is the global platform for tomorrow’s fashion and sustainable innovation. 
Rewind / Now
“The mystical dark sky and the scent of earth after the rain are signs of a new season – a sweet time of stillness. Something that is yet so familiar yet a fresh start. Let us rewind and stay present even on the edge of change.”
WWF Collaboration

Mori Collective donates 20€ from each sold bomber jacket to WWF Finland’s work to protect endangered nature. Welcome to the Jungle Bomber Jackets are mostly made of recycled materials.