A shared dream about sustainable fashion: This is how MORICO was born!‚ú®

MORICO Tytti Alapieti, Pikisaari

MORICO's designer Tytti Alapieti at our workspace in Oulu Pikisaari 

Our dear MORICO is turning 7 years on 15th of June! The birthday will be celebrated starting on Wednesday until Sunday with special birthday surprises and offers! Since we are already celebrating our 7th birthday, we wanted to share with you how the brand was born and where the idea come from!

Where it all began

MORICO was inspired by a shared dream by two students in the clothing industry. Tytti Alapieti and Jenni Koli met years ago through a shared hobby; snowboarding. They soon realized that they shared the same values when it came to sustainable fashion and that they both wanted to start their own company some day. In 2015 Tytti and Jenni combined their strenghts and MORICO was born.

The idea was to start a slow fashion company that offers versatile clothing that is perfect for everyday use as well as for parties. The idea for this came from snowboarding where at day time you are spending time outside and then later at after ski. Tytti and Jenni wanted to create something that is comfortable & stylish and great for every occasion. This came to fruition by creating collections that have versatile pieces which are easily combined together. For example in our swim and activewear, the colorful and vibrant patterns make the pieces perfect for parties as well. 

 MORICO Happy News Solar One Piece

In addition to swimming our swimwear are perfect for different activities and as a body-top for different outfits. In the photos Happy News - Solar One Piece

Our slow fashion pieces are dashing and stylish while also being practical and comfortable. MORICO pieces are easily combined for different types of looks. With our collections and pieces we want to change the narrative of always needing new clothes to having just a few pieces that can be combined together for multi purposeful use. We design our pieces in a way that they are sustainable and are timeless when it comes to style. Instead of always buying new pieces you can have few pieces that will last long as long as you take care of them. We hope to inspire you all to express yourselves with our pieces and to create looks out of them using your creativity.

Fashion and sustainability

Since the beginning it was clear that MORICO would be a slow fashion company. It has always been extremely important to us that our production is ethical and that the materials we use are recycled and sustainable. We think that the fashion should be circular not linear. We want to show by example that fashion doesn,t have to be injustice. Read more about our production and the materials we use!

MORICO Circularity sustainable production

MORICO circularity

What does the name MORICO represent?

The "Mori" of MORICO translates to forest in Japanese and in Latin it refers to mortality. Mori represents our love for nature and how we want to take care of it. At the same time it reminds us that we have a limited time to make our dreams come true. "Co" refers to collective work that we have always been able to lean onto and which we cherish deeply. 

MORICO Dark Matter Kanerva scrunch

 Our sustainable scrunchies are made out of the cutting scraps of our fabrics.

Nature has always been a huge source of inspiration for us. This can be noticed in many of the names of our collections, pieces, fabrics and in our patterns. Inspiration has been found from forests, sunsets, magical islands, summer flowers and the ocean. Finlands magical nature always brings us inspiration. Creativity is able to flourish in nature when the love for the environment is connected throughout our work. 

Hopefully you learned something new about us! Ask in the comment section if there is something you would like to know about MORICO!

Check out our gorgeous Happy News Summer Collection here! 

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