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A shared dream about sustainable fashion: This is how MORICO was born!✨
We are celebrating MORICO's 7th birthday this June and wanted to tell you where it all began! Read here how the idea for the brand was born and where the inspiration came from!💗
Happy News party pieces for summer parties
Looking for the perfect outfit for summer parties? Check out our new Happy News summer party pieces and find your favourite summer look!🌸
Visual arts meets slow fashion: Happy baby news turned into a piece of art
Read about how our upcoming summer pattern Happy News was born and how a painting with the same name is connected to it!💗
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 4: Helle & Huurre
Read about patterns Huurre and Helle and find out about the inspirations behind the patterns!💜
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 3: Kultakero
Read about our Kultakero pattern and see what were the inspirations behind the pattern!✨
Happy News – Sneak Peek into our summer 2022 collection!
Here's a sneak peek into our summer collection Happy News. This collection has gorgeous prints and vibrant colors that are meant to put a smile on your face!
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 2: Dark Matter & Crystal Seeker
Learn about the inspirations behind our Dark Matter pattern and Crystal Seeker pattern💜
The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 1: Marjaniemi
Read about our gorgeous Marjaniemi pattern and find out how the artwork was created!
Tips for a sustainable Christmas!✨
Every year we think of new ideas on how to spend Christmas more sustainably and less consuming, and this year we want to share our best tips with you!
MORICO Christmas Sales 4.-5.12. at Pikisaari

Welcome to our Christmas Friend Sales at Pikisaari, Oulu! Friend Sales are a great opportunity to find some slow fashion Christmas gifts, treasures, samples and last pieces.

Thoughtful and sustainable gift ideas for Mother’s Day
We’ve prepared a selection of original, useful and sustainable gift ideas for Mother’s Day: From zero waste online workshops to locally produced earrings or stylish objects made of recycled materials, you will find an interesting selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas for every budget.
From stress to happiness: your Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle
You know this season of endless running around to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. This supposedly joyful activity is rapidly turning into a nightmare as D-day approaches and you haven’t found yet the right Christmas present for your loved ones. Worry no more, dear friends! We have a solution to make your Christmas gift shopping smooth and easy.
Work space
Our work space is located in the heart of Vallila, an old industrial area in Helsinki. The room is in a former factory building which is nowadays transformed into rooms full of music, art and various other creative activities.