The Dream Valley of slow fashion

Although times are challenging for responsible fashion brands, MORICO designers hold on to their dream – a world of slow fashion where humans are one with nature. The Dream Valley Summer Collection makes the path easier with its new charming pattern.

MORICO Dream Valley

You can see a magical landscape in the Dream Valley pattern by Johanna Siuruainen.

Dream Valley invites you to float to a faraway fairyland. There are no specific boxes in which you should fit or rules on how to live. You can just enjoy the stillness of motion, listen to the flow of the river, and be completely safe, surrounded by the miraculous mountains of Lapland and the midnight sun.
MORICO Dream Valley

A Detail of a Dream Valley Fabric.

Dream Valley is a special place where the mind is light and far from the sorrows of the world. It is inhabited by a lovely community, and the energy and handprint of every fellow traveler can be felt and seen there. This time the guest designer of the collective and the creator of the new Dream Valley pattern is Johanna Siuruainen, a textile designer from Oulu who lives in Helsinki.

MORICO Dream Valley designer Johanna Siuruainen

Designer Johanna at MORICO work space, Pikisaari.

Johanna says her art is like meditation, a colourful moment with her hands. In her art, she weaves together the inseparable connection between us and nature.

– I get inspiration from nature and its diversity. I like to play with different combinations and colors. I got the inspiration for the Dream Valley pattern from my own dream world, where there is no gray, and everyone and everything lives in harmony with each other. When I was drawing the pattern, I escaped the hectic everyday life, the negative news of the world, and the uncertainty of the future into my own colourful world, Johanna says.

MORICO Dream Valley Designer Johanna Siuruainen
MORICO Dream Valley Designer Johanna Siuruainen Delight Wrap Dress
Johanna checking the designs and wearing Delight Wrap Dress in Dream Valley pattern.
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Pics: Veera Uutinen

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