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Christmas shopping 2020 - A gift card for sustainable fashion

From stress to happiness: your Christmas shopping doesn’t have to b...

December 18 2020
You know this season of endless running around to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. This supposedly joyful activity is rapidly turning into a nightmare as D-day approaches and you haven’t found yet the right Christmas present for your loved ones. Worry no more, dear friends! We have a solution to make your Christmas gift shopping smooth and easy.
Beach Day - MORICO

Beach Day

June 05 2020

Here are some pics of our Helle and Dark Matter recycled swimwear at Nallikari beach. Hope that your summer will be full of sunny beach days too!

Our Swim and Yoga wear are made from recycled fishing nets, and textile production left overs. This way a new life and purpose will be given for materials left behind.

Mori Collective slorfashion blog Needleleaf

Needleleaf Lookbook

December 05 2019
Needleleaf forests are evergreen and get through all seasons.
Waste Side Story III - MORICO

Waste Side Story III

October 01 2019
Pure Waste’s fabrics turned into impressive creations in the hands of talented Finnish designers of clothing, accessories and jewellery.
Mori Collective Corduroy Jacket Organic Cotton in Neonyt Berlin January 2019 fashion show

Neonyt Berlin January 2019

January 27 2019
The Neonyt, formerly known as Ethical Fashion Show, was held at Kraftwerk Berlin on 15 – 17 of January 2019. NEONYT is the global platform for tomorrow’s fashion and sustainable innovation. 
Rewind / Now - MORICO

Rewind / Now

September 18 2018
“The mystical dark sky and the scent of earth after the rain are signs of a new season – a sweet time of stillness. Something that is yet so familiar yet a fresh start. Let us rewind and stay present even on the edge of change.”
WWF Collaboration - MORICO

WWF Collaboration

February 04 2017

Mori Collective donates 20€ from each sold bomber jacket to WWF Finland’s work to protect endangered nature. Welcome to the Jungle Bomber Jackets are mostly made of recycled materials.

Northern Seas - MORICO

Northern Seas

September 06 2016
These northern shores attract me year after year. I long for breathing the salty ocean air, picking up shells and watching sunsets surrounded by mountains. When I’m not there, I can close my eyes and see the colors of the Northern Seas.
Bothnia Savages - MORICO

Bothnia Savages

October 18 2015
For a few months, our friends Pauliina and Aino have been living in a cottage on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, in Meri-Pori. The aim has been to search for waves, experiment on sustainable life-style, and increase the concern over nature.