Tips for a sustainable Christmas!✨

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The most wonderful time of the year is coming up!

We love Christmas here at MORICO. It’s the time for gratitude, peace and love and the perfect time for relaxing with family and friends. Although our love for Christmas is huge, we can’t help but ponder the consequences that every Christmas brings to our beloved Earth. Every year we think of new ideas on how to spend Christmas more sustainably and less consuming, and this year we want to share our best tips with you:

 1. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which a group of people are randomly assigned to be each other’s Secret Santas. The idea is that everyone buys a gift for one person, and it isn’t until the presents are opened that each participant gets to know who bought whom a gift. This tradition reduces unnecessary consumerism. Each participant will get one gift that is chosen with love and that they truly appreciate instead of multiple gifts that they may not actually even need. Secret Santa can be practiced within a group of friends, coworkers, or family. This tradition also brings a spark of excitement to Christmas since everyone must wait until Christmas day to find out who was whose Secret Santa.

 2. DIY it!

DIY presents are slowly becoming more and more popular. For this we are super excited! What could be better than getting your Christmas cheer on by crafting some presents yourself. Self-made gifts can be just about anything your imagination can think of. For example, woolen socks, macrame decorations, candles, soaps, and Christmas treats are just a few ideas and surely likeable gifts. There are tons of ideas and guides for DIY presents online. The best part about self-made gifts is that you can personalize the gift for the recipient in whichever way you might like. If you feel like you are not the craftiest person out there or that there is no way you will have enough time to make the presents yourself, you can also buy something homemade. This way you can also support a small business and give a unique gift. 

 3. Give the gift of Slow fashion

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Hiding Sun Hoodie dresses make the perfect cozy Christmas presents.

At MORICO, we want to encourage you to support slow fashion instead of fast fashion. Therefore, we present the MORICO-gift card. With our gift card you can choose anything from our wide collection of slow fashion treasures. Choose this present when you want to give responsible and sustainable fashion as a gift. This gift will help you as the gift giver since you don’t have to think about what the receiver might like or try to remember their size when they can choose exactly what they like themselves. A win-win situation indeed!

The MORICO-gift card will reduce your Christmas stress tremendously. Instead of running through the rushed stores looking for a present, you can order a gift card with only a few clicks online. You can choose whichever amount you want for the gift card from our selected options. If you don’t find the amount you would like from our options, you can message us, and we will give you a gift card with the exact amount you would like. The MORICO-gift card is valid for a year, so there is plenty of time to use it. 

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 4. Give a gift that gives back

Give a gift that spreads love to our planet and the life on it by donating to a charity. Many non-profitable organizations such as World Vision, UN Women, WWF, UNICEF and many more offer possibilities to support people or animals that truly need it. These donations help at furthering justice and equality around the world and offer opportunities for many lives. Learn more about these organizations by searching through their websites.

 5. Wrap with sustainability in mind

Wrapping up the Christmas presents can sometimes cause unnecessary purchases of gift-wrapping materials and produce extra waste that cannot be recycled. You can use your imagination with gift wrapping and utilize materials you find at home, such as fabrics, old newspapers, or comic magazines. You can also pack gifts in baskets or boxes from which the receiver will get fun new decorating elements for their home. We also recommend you to save the packaging materials from gifts that you receive this Christmas so you can use them again later for future gifts you will be wrapping. 

Tell us in the comments what are your ideas regarding sustainable Christmas and what kind of thoughts did this post bring up. We would also love to hear your tips on how to have a sustainable Christmas.

We wish you all a lovely Christmas time!💜

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