How does slow fashion work for rock climbing?

How does slow fashion work for rock climbing? MORICO product testing in climbing

Inspiration from nature and how MORICO pieces go smoothly into nature and movement. Read Milja's experiences from a climbing trip at Olhava.

MORICO Milja climbing with Lakritsi Leggings

Milja climbing and matching the shadows by wearing Lakritsi Leggings and Aava Top. Pic: Sami Haapasalmi

In late spring, I was able to get to know Olhava's wonderful climbing spot. Climbing is all about enjoying nature, which is where the inspiration for MORICO products comes from. It was wonderful to find out that our clothes are also suitable for this sport, which is dear to me. The waist of MORICO leggings is just high enough to protect the skin from the chafing of the harness, and the material also effectively absorbs sweat from the skin. The Aava top, on the other hand, worked perfectly for climbing from the point of view of its adjustable straps. The adjustment comes in handy when the neck and shoulders are often under pressure when carrying the rope.

Otherwise, we MORICO-murus don't care about the hassle and that's why, when the sun started to shine, it was wonderful that with our activewear, you can of course also swim. MORICO products are designed not only for all sports but also for chilling in the water. Therefore, MORICO clothes are absolutely perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle, where movement is often medicine and it doesn't make sense to carry many layers of clothes with you.

MORICO Milja climbing at Olhava

Milja climbing at Olhava and testing Lakritsi Leggings. Pic: Jaakko Risku

There is nothing as wonderful as feeling one with nature. I don't think it happens anywhere better than with a body against a rock. Besides, nothing makes this experience more touching than being against that wall in patterns and clothing designs designed by some of your dearest people. I love the fact that the materials have been chosen according to the principles of slow fashion. You can also feel that you are one with nature, which gives a lot of inspiration and moments to slow down and enjoy.

At the moment, the whole story is available only in Finnish from hereBelow, you can see few pics from the trip!

Sami Haapasalmi climbing and wearing Phases T-shirt and Balaclava Beanie. Pic: Jaakko Risku
MORICO Olhava Climbing in Finland
Sami Haapasalmi climbing. Pic: Jaakko Risku

♡ Milja

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