The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 4: Helle & Huurre

MORICO Helle reversible swimwear

Helle pattern in our reversible swimwear which are now on sale


Huurre pattern

Huurre pattern is designed by talented illustrator Eija Vehviläinen. The pattern has gotten it’s inspiration at the autumn shores of Ounasjoki in Kittilä. Huurre means hoarfrost in Finnish. The pattern is inspired by northern forests and the first frost of the winter with magical ice crystals all over. Huurre-pattern was featured in our 2019 Needleleaf Collection.

MORICO Huurre Juniper Dress

 Huurre pattern was featured in our Juniper Dress
MORICO Huurre Juniper Sweater

Huurre pattern featured in Juniper Sweater

Helle pattern

We ended up loving the pattern so much that we transformed it into a summer version as well. This is how the pattern Helle was born. In Finnish Helle is a word to describe the hot summer weather. For Helle pattern we chose our favourite dreamy "ice cream" pastel-colours that remind us of summer. The pattern turned out to be fun and vibrant, perfect for the summertime. We chose Helle pattern to be a part of our summer 2021 swim & activewear collection.

MORICO Helle pattern yoga wear

Helle pattern in our activewear

There are only a few Helle pieces in our collection, since it is not featured in our upcoming summer collection. Pick up our last Helle pieces on sale for summer before they’re all gone!
Tell us in the comments which do you prefer the fun and vibrant summer pattern Helle or the cool and wintery pattern Huurre!

Check out a sneak peak into our upcoming summer collection Happy News here

Pics: Hanna-Sofia Tuomikoski (1) & Aino Huotari (2,3,4)

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