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MORICO by Mori Collective Wanderer dress Designer Maternity leave

Can an entrepreneur stay on maternity leave? Yes if featuring artis...

November 12 2020
MORICO believes in the power of a collective: founder Tytti Alapieti can stay on maternity leave with confidence when a group of freelancers who believe in the revolution of sustainable and ethical clothing was found around. 
Dark Matter – Love & Recycle - MORICO

Dark Matter – Love & Recycle

December 01 2019
The Dark Matter recycled pieces are made of recycled fabrics. Read more about inspiration, materials and tips for care.
Valentine's treat by Kokofly x Mori Collective

Valentine's Treat

February 14 2019
Happy Valentine's day! Listen to our Valentine’s playlist inspired by love, our favourite songs, boss girls and Mori Collective's clothing named after special songs ♡ 
Crystal Seeker - MORICO

Crystal Seeker

June 26 2018

Mori’s Crystal Seeker print is designed in collaboration with illustrator and graphic designer Eija Vehviläinen. Tytti collected father’s old photographs from her home, and Eija started to design crystal shapes out of them and combine these with her own patterns.

Northern Seas - MORICO

Northern Seas

September 06 2016
These northern shores attract me year after year. I long for breathing the salty ocean air, picking up shells and watching sunsets surrounded by mountains. When I’m not there, I can close my eyes and see the colors of the Northern Seas.
Bothnia Savages - MORICO

Bothnia Savages

October 18 2015
For a few months, our friends Pauliina and Aino have been living in a cottage on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, in Meri-Pori. The aim has been to search for waves, experiment on sustainable life-style, and increase the concern over nature.