Bothnia Savages

For a few months, our friends Pauliina and Aino have been living in a cottage on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, in Meri-Pori. The aim has been to search for waves, experiment on sustainable life-style, and increase the concern over nature. Professionally the girls complement each other well, since Pauliina is a journalist and Aino a photographer, which allows them to document their adventure in different ways. Here’s a beautiful video by Bothnia Savages. Although their project in Meri-Pori is coming to its end, they are going to continue the exploration of the same themes wherever they go next.

In addition to all the small things everyone can individually do to reduce energy consumption, we can together influence the policy-makers to make decisions for a better future. Bothnia Savages believe it’s time for Helsinki to give up on coal and switch over to using clean renewable energy. 

Bothnia Savages Mori Collective Blueberries recycled t-shirt (c) Aino Huotari


Bothnia Savages Mori Collective waiting waves surfing s (c) Aino Huotari

Pauliina waiting for waves in the cold water

Bothnia Savages Mori Collective Diamonds From Dirt s (c) Aino Huotari

Pauliina wearing Diamonds From Dirt's Keep Ya Head Up bucket hat

Bothnia Savages Mori Collective Storm (c) Aino Huotari

The storm is rising


Be sure to follow the girls on Instagram. Let's see what they will come up with next.

Go and explore!

Tytti and Jenni

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