Kultakero print - Perfect for the sunny spring time

Our Hiding Sun collection is consciously crafted according to slow fashion values. Read more about our collection and the Kultakero print from below.

The Hiding Sun sparkles in the shades of the polar night. In addition to the new Kultakero print, the newest pieces of MORICO organic clothing transform into new, fascinating colours. Two new MORICO designs are called Wanderer Sweater and Wanderer Dress. You can wear them while trekking on the fells or dancing under the northern lights, and they are just as perfect for relaxing at home as well. We hope these new pieces and print invites you, our MORICO-friends on a slow fashion journey to the nature of Lapland.

MORICO Sustainable Sweater

Sustainable and long-lasting materials

High-quality fabrics are the core elements of our sustainable design thinking. Kultakero print fabric and Kaarnikka velour are both GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. GOTS is the worldwide textile standard for sustainable clothing and organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, including independent certification of the entire textile supply chain

According to the Life cycle analysis findings by Textile Exchange Report, organic production of cotton uses on average 90% less water compared to the results of conventionally grown cotton. In addition, toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton production are poisoning the water. The standard has requirements concerning working and social conditions. They are required to be equivalent to those of leading social sustainability standards such as ILO (International Labour Organization). There must be a social compliance management system to ensure that the social criteria are met.

MORICO Aino Huotari

Kultakero - Finnish designer Suvi Suitiala designed the new print for MORICO by Mori Collective

Our beautiful MORICO by Mori Collective print Kultakero is designed by our highly respected Finnish designer Suvi Suitiala. Talented illustrator Suvi shares the same love as us, nature and snowboarding. Suvi is from Kemijärvi, Northern Finland, but lives nowadays in Oulu. Our collaboration was inspired by one of our favourite locations, Pyhä Fell, and the Kultakero is one of the peaks of Pyhä. The print takes you to the fells of Lapland. Its curves are like contours that mark the mountain peaks. This is where you can witness the astounding hues which can only rarely be seen above the horizon during the wintertime. These glimpses of gold and light pink remind us of the sun that hides the entire winter. Suvi has perfectly captured the atmosphere from riding and hiking in the peaks of Pyhä.

MORICO Pyhätunturi

On the top of the Kultakero at Pyhä Fells. Pictures by Aino Huotari.

More about the Lapland inspiration, sustainable materials and the Kultakero print design in our following blog post.

Hiding Sun collection

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