Dark Side – Sneak peek into the new fall collection!

MORICO Balaclava beanie Warm newbies for fall and winter: Balaclava Beanies made out of mulesing-free merino wool in cream and black 

Embracing the darkness of the fall time

The colors of the autumn time are slowly fading and incoming is a new wave of darkness. This time of year is often perceived gloomy and we wanted to change the narrative. In this collection we embrace the darkness of the fall time and the beauty that it contains. Our new collection is called Dark Side and it embraces the shades and shapes of black, white and grey and brings out the beauty that lies within the darkness. The Dark Side collection contains warm, soft and natural materials in which it is comfortable to move in to the new time of year the same way nature does and slow down. 

Here's a little sneak peek into the new collection!

MORICO Lakritsi LeggingsThe beloved Happy News pattern by artist Susanna Sivonen is represented as black and white in the new collection and carrying the name Lakritsi which means Licorice in finnish!

MORICO Phases t-shirt & hoodieNew hoodies are decorated by a print of the phases of the Moon which is previously seen in our Phases t-shirts.

MORICO Hoodie Black PhasesThese GOTS organic cotton hoodies will warm you up during your hobbies!

The Hoodies will get a matching tote bag in which you can carry all your essentials, groceries, activewear and MORICO swimsuits!

MORICO earring
Upcoming also gorgeous new earrings which are inspired by nature and the different shapes of the moon.

MORICO Balaclava BeanieVersatile Balaclava Beanies will warm you up even in the coldest breeze and protect your face from the harsh wind and cold.

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Comment below your favourite piece of the new Dark Side collection!

Stay tuned.. the new collection will be launched soon!

Pics: Aino huotari & Simo Vilhunen

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