From stress to happiness: your Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle

Dear friends of MORICO, 

You know this season of endless running around to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. This supposedly joyful activity is rapidly turning into a nightmare as D-day approaches and you haven’t found yet the right Christmas present for your best friend, who is always so picky, for your mum whose size might be something between M and XL depending on the way the cloth fits (you really have no clue), or for your teenage cousin whom you haven’t seen in 6 months and who could have grown in every direction like a weed... It’s so exhausting, isn’t it? 

Worry no more, dear friends! We have a solution to make your Christmas gift shopping smooth and easy: 100% hassle-free, ethical, sustainable and support your local compliant – say hello to MORICO Christmas gift card

Altogether, wouldn’t you love to give a gift that is actually a wide selection of treasures, such as dresses or jewellery that sparkle in the shades of the polar night and are inspired by the magical Lapland? Let the recipient select the perfect gift to wander on the fells or dance under the northern lights. In addition, these slow fashion pieces are soft and perfect for simply relaxing at home as well, so there is certainly something special for everyone! Just take a look at our new Hiding Sun collection, you might find a gift for yourself too ;)

Stressistä onnellisuuteen: Jouluostosten teon ei tarvitse olla häslinkiä  shopping

Many reasons why we love gift cards

  • They're a satisfaction guarantee! No more headaches thinking what your dear friends and relatives would like to get as a Christmas gift.
  • It is a great surprise with the right size and color : You don't have to ask or check the size beforehand or even worse: pick the wrong size or remember wrong the recipient’s favourite color. 
  • They are the ultimate hassle-free gift: 100% online, no need to commute and go on multiple never-ending shopping sessions downtown. Your gift is only 3 clicks away!
  • There is plenty of time to enjoy it! With its 1 year validity, you can offer a gift card at any moment and let your lucky recipient enjoy it whenever he or she wants. There’s no rush!
  • MORICO gift cards are Christmas gifts for all budgets! If you don’t find the right amount in the pre-selected options, you can contact us for a personalized amount. 

Now get your Christmas shopping over with and move on to the best perk of the season: the Glögi and gingerbread of course! 

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