Thoughtful and sustainable gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Even if the dates vary, many countries celebrate Mother’s Day this month. Mother’s Day will be celebrated on the 9th of May in the US, in India, and in different European countries (such as Finland, Germany, Italy or Estonia), and later this month in other countries (such as France, Morocco or Sweden), among many other countries. 

If you are getting ready for Mother’s Day and if you are looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift that will help you celebrate your mom or moms around in a thoughtful way, we’ve prepared a selection of original, useful and sustainable gift ideas for Mother’s Day. 

And discover special discounts on some of them for you, dear MORICO-friends. 

Please, follow the guide.

The blooming Mother’s Day gift with a twist: FloweRescue

A flower bouquet is one of the most classic gift for Mother’s Day, but it may not be the most sustainable option. The flower industry actually generates large amounts of waste due to the fact that the flowers are very fragile and perishable products. It is estimated that 40% of the cut flowers produced will be thrown away before reaching the hands of consumers. Fortunately, there are extraordinary people, such as Kati Mayfield the founder of FloweRescue in Finland, who are doing an amazing job to minimize the waste. 

FloweRescue - Mother's Day sustainable gift idea #1

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FloweRescue is an association whose mission is to harness surplus flowers from wholesalers and florists, and donates them to elderly care facilities, hospitals, charities and community art projects. 

What Mother’s Day gift can you get from FloweRescue? 

If you are in Helsinki, you can give a membership to FloweRescue which will also allow your mom to meet a lovely community of volunteers who prepare bouquets every week. The cost of the annual membership is 30€. This gift works even if your mother doesn’t live in Helsinki. She might like the idea of supporting a lovely association without the hassle of volunteering.

FloweRescue experience - Mother's Day sustainable gift idea #1

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There is also an option to give an experience. It’s the private and customized version of the volunteering sessions: “FloweRescue experiences are offered as 2 or 3 hour sessions for groups of up to 10 people. We will discuss the waste and sustainability issues in the floral industry while teaching you how to process and care for cut flowers and how to make simple bouquets. Each attendee gets to take home a bouquet of their own, and the rest of the bouquets we prepare will be donated - to one of our regular partners, or to an organization of your choice.”

The cost of an experience is  30€ / person, get one from here. 


Another classic gift for Mother’s Day: Jewellery of course

Jewellery yes, but locally produced and made of wood. Do you know that MORICO by Mori Collective ecological jewellery is made from Finnish birch, and they are laser cut and assembled in Finland? Inspired by the exceptional nature in Lapland, check the latest Waterfall and Mountain earrings or even the cute Kimpale earrings

Mountains earrings

Cherry on the cake, we are offering a 20% discount on all the jewellery collection until the 9th of May 2021. Use the code MORICO-MOTHERS when you order. 

Waterfalls earrings

Shop the MORICO jewellery from here. 


The perfect gift for a new mom or a mom-to-be: The Äitivuosi book

Aitivuosi book - Sustainable gift idea for mother's day

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If you know expecting parents or persons who just experienced motherhood for the first time recently, there is no better gift idea for Mother’s Day than this book. Co-prepared by a Yoga teacher & Doula, Hanna-Mari Nieminen, a concept designer also founder of DUARA TRAVELS, an amazing startup promoting a more sustainable and authentic tourism, Annika Järvelin, and a talented & sensitive photographer, Sara Vallioja-Hertell, the Äitivuosi is a guidebook for new mothers that will help them adjust to their new life:

“The 352-page work contains diverse information, e.g. mother and baby nutrition and sleep, recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, relationships in a new life situation, hormone-induced mood storms, and strengthening parenting intuition. The stories and tips of different mothers provide peer support and new perspectives on taking care of themselves in the midst of everyday baby life.”

Aitivuosi book - perfect mother's day gift idea #2

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This lovely book is available at a special price for you, dear MORICO-friends: Enjoy a 10% discount and order your copy here. 


Zero waste Mother’s Day gift ideas: Level up your recycling game with Niimaar

Niimar is founded by the Karikoski’s family, a mother and her daughters: Aija, Enni and Sanni. Niimaar’s mission is to reduce waste through thoughtful design that inspires responsible behavior. In their shop, you can find many zero waste gift ideas for Mother’s Day but some of them really caught our eye. 

Biowaste box in polar color : Mother's day gift idea by Niimaar

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The biowaste box made of recycled material transformed into solid wood composite by Woodio. Like in every Forever product, there is an award-winning designer behind the design of this biowaste box - the Spanish designer Andreu Carulla in this case. 

Niimaar really keeps its promise of delivering stunning-looking products made according to the circular design principles. 

Shop the biowaste box in polar color and enjoy a 15% discount with the code MORICOxNIIMAAR from here.

You also get 15% off the elegant Ecosmol Forever Bin and Ecomini Forever Bin with the same code!

Stunning recycling bin: zero waste gift for mother's day

The recycling bin Ecosmol® is made with love in the detail, and the material is Finnish FSC certified birch plywood. It is designed and made 100% in Finland. All pieces are finished with a beautiful natural or color varnish, or paint. You can use the customized Niimaar recycle bags with Ecosmol.

Sustainable and affordable: You can have it all

In the shop, you can also find cute and sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas such as the adorable linen bio bags, the Zero Waste Society ebook, or if your mom is into gardening, you can also turn to these herb sticks made of reclaimed wood.

Give a sustainable experience with Niimaar’s online recycling workshops

Available from 30€, the zero waste workshops are a fun and interactive way to learn how to make your own products and at the same time save energy, space at home and your time. 

DIY products can include: deodorant, cleaning liquid, upcycled earrings and bouquets made out of surplus waste flowers! Possible locations: Helsinki area or online.  

What a thoughtful and original gift that mothers from all over the world can enjoy.

zero waste workshop - mother's day zero waste gift idea #3

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When in doubt, play it safe with MORICO-gift card

Our gift card is the perfect last minute present for Mother’s Day: 100% online, the gift card code is delivered to you by a separate email. 

No more headaches thinking about what you mom would like to get for Mother’s Day. You don't have to ask for or check the size beforehand - or worry about picking the wrong size. Just a few clicks, no need to go on multiple never-ending shopping sessions downtown. Giving a gift card is really convenient for both you and your mother.

From 30€ to 300€, there’s a card for every budget. 

Buy a MORICO gift card from here.

Happy Mother's Day!

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