Dream Valley novelties - Our new slow fashion pieces

Dream Valley collection dives into a dreamy magical landscape. There are no boxes where you should fit into or rules on how to live. You can float in blossoming and peaceful nature, river flowing by and be surrounded by trees and mountains. This is a special place where your mind is light and far from sorrows.

MORICO Delight Wrap Dress and Taika Dress Dream valley

In addition to swimwear, the Dream Valley pattern blossoms in MORICO novelties the Taika Dress and the Delight Wrap Dress. Both slow fashion pieces are also available in the beloved Dark Matter pattern. This summer, Dark Matter graces also the wonderful wide-legged Haven Pants and Long-Sleeved Surf Shirt.

MORICO Delight Wrap Dress Dark Matter

Delight Wrap Dress - Dark Matter has an adjustable fit.

MORICO Haven Trousers & Shirt in Dark Matter pattern

Haven Shirt and Haven Trousers look great together, and you can also match them with different tops and leggings for example.

The swimwear novelty of summer 2023 is the Kuutamo Shorts. The new Aava Top is also a slightly longer model, which is perfect as a top with skirts, shorts, and trousers. On the other hand, the new Unelma Dress is a stylish and super comfortable option for not only swimming and dancing but also for more sporty summer activities. They all give a nice extra coverage when necessary and preferred.

MORICO Aava Top Dark Matter recycled textiles

The reversible Aava Top Dark Matter goes as bikini or activewear top as well as to parties and festivals!

MORICO Kuutamo Shorts Dark Matter reversible bikinies

Kuutamo Shorts Dark Matter are made of recycled textiles as all our swim and activewear.

MORICO Dark Matter bikinies

The Ocean Green other side of the Dark Matter pattern. All our swimwear are reversible, and you can select to wear the pattern or the solid colour option.

MORICO Dream Valley Aava Top & Kuutamo Shorts sustainable swimwear

Aava Top & Kuutamo Shorts in Dream Valley pattern.

MORICO Reversible sustainable swimwear

The Black reversible side of Dream Valley pattern.

Comfy and adjustable fit for amazing and different body types

Looseness and shape play an important role when designing clothes that must fit people of different heights and shapes. Our new dress models can also be adjusted with a belt to fit. And of course, they have to be comfortable to wear, and they have to last from this summer to the next ones to come. The loose cuts of our dresses are also suitable for plus-size or expectant mothers.

MORICO Delight Wrap Dress Dream Valley

Delight Wrap Dress - Dream Valley is versatile; use it for both, everyday and festive occasions.

MORICO Taika Dress Dream Valley adjustable Ecovero dress

Taika Dress - Dream Valley. All our Dream Valley dresses are made os sustainably produced Ecovero fabric.

MORICO Loosefit comfortable Moon Dress Dream Valley, also as maternity dress

All time favourite Moon Dress with the new Dream Valley pattern.

Which one is your favourite? Seek through all new pieces from here > Dream Valley collection


Pics by Veera Uutinen.

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