Slow down with a yin yoga class

Dear MORICO-friends, we want to share you a calming yin yoga and Loving Kindness meditation by Anna-Mari Pentikäinen, so you can start slowing down to the Christmas time.

MORICO Anna-Mari yin jooga Kestävä muoti ekologiset joogavaatteet

Anna-Mari wearing MORICO Marjaniemi-top

This special yin yoga exercise consists of the fire element that cares for the heart and the Loving Kindness meditation that strengthens self-esteem. Yin yoga teaches you to stop, listen to yourself, and slowing down in during busy times and hassle. It treats the bones and connective tissues of the body. Include pillows and a blanket for the exercise, as well as audio for the sound world of the exercise. The exercise does not require previous experience in yoga.

Link to yoga video (in Finnish only):
password for the video: "tuli01"
Here is a link to a Spotify playlist for your yoga class.

MORICO Anna-Mari yin jooga Kestävä muoti ja  ekologiset joogavaatteet

Yin yoga with Helle Top and leggings

Yoga teacher Anna-Mari organizes yoga retreats that combine yoga, tantric meditation and writing in Finland and Sri Lanka. Yoga retreats are for anyone who wants to strengthen their connection to themselves and give time for creativity and well-being. Retreats do not require previous experience in yoga.

As a Christmas gift for you, get a 50 euros discount with the code JOOGAJOULU on the January or February 2022 Sri Lankan yoga and meditation retreats "Manifest Magic" and "Goddess in Me". The code is valid until January 8, 2022 and only applies to yoga retreats in January and February and cannot be combined with other discounts. Read more about retreats: & Instagram @annamariyogax 

MORICO Anna-Mari yin jooga Kestävä muoti ekologiset joogavaatteet

Slow fashion and slow yoga in ecological and sustainable MORICO yoga and active wear.

Pics: Aino Huotari

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