How to reuse or recycle your clothes?

Reuse or recycling!

We know it is not easy, and sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in this process. No worries, we are here to help you to find the best way to recycle your clothes.

Where to recycle your clothes?

Recycling clothes collection points

In most cities, you can find containers or centers dedicated to waste management and recycling. Collection points to recycle clothes are actually not that rare. If you haven’t spotted any in your neighbourhood, you can always Google it to find the closest one.

Don't leave unusable clothing into collection boxes. You can leave them for example Recci-boxes in Southern Finland. The EU countries will be obliged to collect textiles separately by law by 2025, and there is a plan to start collecting textile waste in Finland already earlier.


Isn’t it lovely to make someone happy by giving the clothes you don’t wear anymore? We hope you cherish your belongings and especially your clothes, and take good care of them because when you do, you prolong their lifespan and your old clothes can become someone else’s treasure. Here are a few examples of charities where you can donate your clothes: Red Cross, Hope Ry

Second hand shops

This is a convenient way to give your clothes a second chance, because in some places you can sell them. Instead of throwing away clothes you no longer use, many places offer a chance to to sell them. If one place refuses to sell your clothes, ask around to find a thrift store, where you can either get a table to sell your old clothes or have the store buy them from you.

Bringing them back to the shop where you bought them when it’s possible

We can be happy about the fact that shops are embracing recycling and supporting a more circular model. Still there are challenges in recycling of clothes due to huge amounts and poor quality. If you would like to learn more about these challenges, we recommend watching for example this document Käytetyn vaatteen jäljillä (in Finnish).

Although not yet a common practice everywhere, a growing number of brands are inviting their clients to bring the clothes back instead of simply wasting them. As a brand advocating for the circular fashion model, we are also taking part in this conversion and try to make recycling our products easier for our customers. So let us recycle for you!

We want all the pieces that we produce to circulate as long as possible. You can always return a piece of clothing from our brand, and we will recycle it for you, no matter the condition. Please contact us, if you would like to recycle your MORICO by Mori Collective piece and we will find the best option how to recycle it. We will also give you a reward for recycling: you get a -20% discount of a new MORICO piece.

MORICO Circularity

MORICO Circularity 

Reusing and repurposing your clothes

If you’re crafty or curious to explore the ins and outs of sewing, old or unused clothes can also become great material for new and unique pieces. If the fabric is great, it can last for decades. An amazing opportunity to relax and let your creativity take the wheel.

We hope that now recycling your clothes no longer seems such a hassle. We would also love to support you to be a conscious consumer, and considering carefully what you buy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding recycling and circular fashion.

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