Mori Collective is now MORICO

MORICO by Mori Collective

Slow fashion to the moon and back 🌔

Mori Collective is now MORICO. All of our labels are now under one name, but our heart and soul stay the same.

The name MORICO combines together the labels of the Mori Collective company  founded in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Mori Collective consists of two labels Mori and Diamonds From Dirt, DFD. Both of these labels are now under the same brand name MORICO.

We design MORICO for people loving slow fashion. As the moon circles the Earth, our goal is to go towards circular fashion together with you. We will take you for a ride to slow fashion - to the moon and back.


MORICO Helle One piece


MORICO and Circular fashion

The future for fashion should be circular instead of linear, and no material should go to waste at any point. The impact of fashion on nature should be minimized. 

We want all the pieces that we produce to circulate as long as possible. You can always return a piece of clothing from our brand, and we will recycle it for you, no matter the condition. We will sell the pieces as second hand, upcycle them or forward them to textile recycling companies depending on the condition.

Please contact us if you would like to recycle your MORICO or Mori Collective piece and we will find the best option how to recycle it. We will also give you a reward for recycling: you get a -20% discount of a new MORICO piece.

Read more about MORICO and Circularity from here.


Cosmic Love Collection

Here is our new summer collection drop 1 - Cosmic Love


We have also a new Instagram name @morico_label as well as Facebook page.


Tytti, Milja & Jenni

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