"Sustainability guides the designer"

There was an article about Mori Collective's designer Tytti in Oulu's newspaper Kaleva on 1.4.2020. Tytti discusses about moving back to home town Oulu and to a new collective work space in Pikisaari, the effects of the corona situation and upcoming collections. The article, written by Anssi Juntto, was in Finnish so here are some translated quotes:

"We are a little concerned that are we able to produce all collections as planned this year. How long this situation might last? All our retailers have closed their stores and moved sales at web shops. We also focus now selling through the Internet. We are all in the same situation now, so let's support each others."

"Tytti moved back to Oulu after studying in Tampere and living in Helsinki for many years. It is great to be back in north and closer to Lapland, as snowboarding is Tytti's favourite hobby. It was also good to find a new shared work space from the spaces of the old College of Arts and Crafts in Pikisaari that has now transformed to work spaces for artists and small companies."

"As a designer, Tytti has always been inspired by the nature. Our latest collection is called Needleleaf. This collection is inspired by northern forests and the first frost of winter with magical ice crystals all over. Our next print is designed in collaboration with designer Suvi Suitiala, who also lives in Oulu. The new print will showcase the fells of Lapland."

"It is great to live and work next to the Baltic Sea. Seeing it so close every day, makes you want to create new products so that they would harm nature as little as possible. We use lots of organic fabrics and now more and more recycled textiles. For example, all our swim and yoga wear are made of recycled polyester and regenerated nylon made out of fishing nets from the oceans and fabric scraps."

Unfortunately, there is no web version of this article  on the Kaleva pages, but you can zoom the pic below to read it in Finnish!

 Mori Collective Tytti Alapieti Kaleva

In the picture, Tytti is wearing Huurre Dress and measuring new swimwear for the next summer.


The article from Kaleva and the pictures by Anssi Juntto.



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