Waste Side Story III

Pure Waste’s fabrics turned into impressive creations in the hands of talented Finnish designers of clothing, accessories and jewellery. Under the theme of Versatility, each designer composed two sets of complete dresses for the catwalk at Tavastia, Helsinki on 10th of September 2019.

The brands in the show were: 

Mirkka Metsola, Mori Collective, Jatuli, Vainio.Seitsonen, Lille Clothing, Tauko, Sunnuntaipuoti, Aino Heiniö, FECC, Iljana, Retromies, I & KK, LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO, Pyry Komsi. 

Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

Our pieces were inspired by our upcoming Huurre print which is designed in collaboration with illustrator Eija Vehviläinen. The theme was versatility, so in addition, I wanted to design something that fits and is comfy on many body types. After seeing our amazing models Jamina and Icyilin, I had even more ideas for the dresses.

The Pure Waste textiles are made of 100% recycled pre-consumer textile waste such as cuttings and yarn. I didn't want to waste any of this great fabric so I started to design differently this time, and thinking about shapes that could be cut from the fabric without any more cutting waste. 

Zero-waste fashion refers to items of clothing that generate little or no textile waste in their production. “Zero waste design,” or, “zero waste pattern making,” refers to the practice of designing patterns for clothing with little to no fabric waste. 

From the pattern point-of-view, this means fitting all the flat pieces of clothing patterns like a jigsaw puzzle on the fabric. Roughly about 15 percent of the fabric is discarded as cutting waste when a typical garments are made. So reducing cutting waste by pattern design have the cumulative far-reaching environmental benefits. More than that, zero waste can create beautiful new forms of fashion. Pattern layout is part of the design, and we will certainly concentrate on this challenge in the future designs as well.

The final dresses were made from light and natural white recycled jersey fabric. The designs were a combination of relaxed fit and geometrical shapes. The shirt had wide sleeves with Huurre print, which was digiprinted in Helsinki Print close by. The amazing jewellery was also made of the Pure Waste's textiles by jewellery artist Hilkka Helmi. The final touch was made by Harjun Kukka flowers. Here is some pictures from the Waste Side Story III fashion show and behind the scenes.




Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

On the left, model Jamina and designer Tytti in the middle.

Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

Models Jamina and Icyilin

Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

Waste Side Story 3 Mori Collective

Models: Jamina & Icyilin
Fabrics: Pure Waste Textiles
Print design: Eija Vehviläinen
Printed by: Print Helsinki
Jewellery: Hilkka Helmi
Flowers: Harjun Kukka
Muah: Makeupschool Maker

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