The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 1: Marjaniemi

MORICO Marjaniemi swimwear madeout of recycled materials

MORICO Marjaniemi Top

As you know, we at MORICO often draw inspiration to our work from nature. You may have noticed that many of the names of our pieces and patterns reflect that. We want to honour our earth with consciously created and ethically produced fashion. Our collections are like little love letters to the earth and of course to you all, our amazing customers.

One of the building blocks of MORICO as a label is the fun and vibrant patterns that decorate our clothes. We love to make statement pieces that combine artwork with slow fashion. Many of the gorgeous patterns wouldn’t have been born without collaboration with our amazing and talented illustrator, designer and artist partners. We thought it would be fun to reminisce the inspirations for our patterns throughout the years and share them with you all. First, we decided to introduce you the Marjaniemi pattern

Marjaniemi pattern

Our Marjaniemi pattern is designed by the talented Jenni Koli who is MORICO’s co-founder and she is also a graphic designer and a fashion designer. Jenni drew inspiration for the print from Marjaniemi beach in Hailuoto. Marjaniemi beach is said to be the most beautiful beach in the Northern Finland. The beach is especially beautiful in the summertime when the sun is shining, and you can feel the wind of the Baltic Sea through your hair.

MORICO Marjaniemi -pattern recycled swimwear fabric

Marjaniemi pattern printed on our fabric that's made out of recycled materials.


The beautiful purple Beach Peas and flying bumblebees can be found in Marjaniemi beach too. These symbols of summer Jenni wanted to capture in the pattern. This gorgeous pattern represents summer and was chosen to be the perfect pattern for our summer 2021’s swim & activewear line.

Marjaniemi pattern is featured in our reversible swimwear and in our biker shorts. The pattern is paired up with the gorgeous Kanerva (Heather) colour which compliments the Marjaniemi pattern perfectly.

  MORICO Marjaniemi One Piece made out of recycled materials

MORICO Marjaniemi reversible One Piece 

Check out all of our Marjaniemi pieces!💜

Tell us your thoughts on this blog post by leaving a comment below and suggest which of our patterns you would like to see us present next!

 Pics: Aino Huotari

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