Neonyt Berlin January 2019

The Neonyt, formerly known as Ethical Fashion Show, was held at Kraftwerk Berlin on 15 – 17 of January 2019. NEONYT is the global platform for tomorrow’s fashion and sustainable innovation. There are also two seminars; #Fashiontech and Fashionsustain. In addition, you can listen many interesting panel discussions and speeches. We were presenting our timeless collection with the new summer 2019 Dark Matter pieces.

Mori Collective Tytti & Milja at the Neonyt Berlin stand

Tytti & Milja at the stand

Neonyt Berlin 2019

The expo at the Kraftwerk, Berlin 


We were excited to be part of the Neonyt Fashion Show on Tuesday 15 of January. This was our first time in a show in Berlin, and the show was described by the Neonyt as following: “The Neonyt Fashion Show is confidently exploring new paths. It shows the very best of a variety of national and international fashion labels in curated multi-brand looks. This is how the Neonyt Fashion Show presents state-of-the-art sustainable fashion and is turning the vision of a neo-new fashion world into a reality on the runway.”

The theme for the Neonyt was water this time, and it showed also in the fashion show as ocean waves slowly came to shore in the big screens. On the same way the styles on the runway slowly changed colors from white, black and gray to all possible colors and variety of different approaches for sustainable fashion. In the pics below is our Corduroy Jacket in Powder Blue color on the runway. You can watch the whole show from the Neonyt pages.

THE NEONYT FASHION SHOW. Jacket: Mori Collective – Coat: Lanius – Pullover: Wunderwerk – Pants: Arkitaip – Shoes: Trippen – Hat by Spatz Hutdesign. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for NEONYT)

THE NEONYT FASHION SHOW. Jacket: Mori Collective – Coat: Lanius – Pullover: Wunderwerk – Pants: Arkitaip – Shoes: Trippen – Hat by Spatz Hutdesign. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for NEONYT)

Mori Collective Corduroy Jacket, Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for NEONYT

Mori Collective Corduroy Jacket, 100% Organic cotton. Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for NEONYT


Each expo concentrate a specific issue that is a challenge in fashion, clothing industry and consuming. In this January, the topic was water: “The blue planet, our Earth. Water covers around two thirds of its surface. For instance, the adult human body is made up of 70 percent water. Without water there would be no agriculture, no industry – and no life. But what happens when water becomes scarce?”. 

For us, the main issue concerning water consumption is the use of organic cotton fabrics that we use in our clothing. All the cotton we use is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. I had a chance to listen a panel discussion with a topic “How hard it is to go organic? And what to do if your cotton is too thirsty?” The speakers gave a lot to think about, lots of facts and ideas to improve.

Based on the Life cycle analysis findings by Textile Exchange Report, organic production of cotton uses average of 90% less of water compared to the results of conventionally grown cotton. In addition, toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton production are poisoning the water.

Manufacturing of GOTS certified cotton, wet processing units must keep full records of the use of chemicals, energy, water consumption and waste water treatment. The waste water from all wet processing units must be treated in a functional waste water treatment plant.

However, organic cotton have both pros and cons. Therefore, one of our main aims is to search also for recycled materials as well as replacing part of cotton by for example recycled cotton or hemp. Cultivating hemp requires less water than organic cotton. We will certainly dive into organic cotton more deeply in our upcoming blog texts.


To summarize, the Neonyt January 2019 was again a great experience from multiple angles; lots of inspiration, learning new, interesting meetings and finding new collaborations.

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