Happy News party pieces for summer parties

MORICO Happy News dresses and skirts
MORICO's designer Tytti Alapieti and designer of the Happy News -pattern and artist Susanna Sivonen wearing the new Happy News party clothes
Are you looking for the perfect outfit for summer parties?
Summer is filled with parties! There are graduations, weddings, festivals etc. Our new Happy News collection has some gorgeous and dashing party dresses and skirts. The new Happy News pattern that is inspired by a painting by artist Susanna Sivonen is colorful and vibrant and the clothes with the pattern will make you look like a piece of art yourself. These Happy News party clothes will definitely brighten up your summer days and make you look and feel like the life of the party!
Happy News clothes are now ready to order and they will arrive to us at the latest next week! Order now and make sure you get your size just in time for the summer parties!
MORICO Happy News Moon Dress
MORICO Moon Dress with the new Happy News pattern is versatile and gorgeous dress that is the perfect dress for the summer parties.

The MORICO favourite:  Dark Matter - Moon Dress is available this summer also with the new Happy News pattern. The classic Moon Dress - Dark Matter is also still available. The Moon Dress is made out of Ecovero viscose, which is a light and airy material: perfect for the hot summer days!
MORICO Happy News Luna Skirt & Top
Happy News newbies Luna Top and Luna Skirt make a perfect outfit together
We will also receive a small batch of Luna Tops in Dark Matter pattern and there are a few pieces of the tops in stock already.
MORICO Happy News Luna Skirt & Black Velvet T-shirt
When you want a more chilled out look try pairing up the Luna Skirt with a monochrome colour shirt. In the photo the skirt is paired up with our Black Velvet t-shirt.
Choose some MORICO earrings to perfect the look!
Read more about our Happy News pattern on our Journal!
Check out the Happy News summer collection here!

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