Dark Matter – Love & Recycle

The Dark Matter print is back in new pieces made of recycled fabrics. Dark Matter print is inspired by rocks and galactic beauty. It is made in collaboration with illustrator Eija Vehviläinen. The new pieces are perfect for swimming, yoga, gym, dance, surf or any other sport.

Mori Collective Dark Matter One Piece

Dark Matter One Piece Pic: Aino Huotari


Each year, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters our oceans. This is not only a great threat to marine wildlife, but also to human health. If this continues, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.* 

The sustainable high quality recycled polyester and regenerated nylon ECONYL® fabrics are produced in Italy from regenerated nylon waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric scraps from mills and old carpets destined for landfills. This way a new life and purpose will be given for materials left behind. They have also a portion of Lycra Xtra Life elastane which elasticity will last through hard use, salt water, swimming pools and washing.

The fabric is digiprinted in Aitoo, Finland by a company that uses solar energy in production, and sewed in Estonia.

Read more about our materials from Materials section!


Mori Collective Dark Matter Anna-Mari Yogobe

Anna-Mari wearing the Dark Matter Top. Pic: Matti Keski-Kohtamäki

Tips for care

Our swimwear is extremely durable, UV protective and possible to wash in washing machine. However these tips help you keep your Dark Matter pieces in mint condition.

  • Rinse in tap water – this is usually enough for swimsuits, just rinse them
  • Hand washing recommended – if you feel your swimsuit needs more thorough washing, we recommend hand wash in lukewarm water with a tablespoon of mild eco detergent. Rinse well with cool water.
  • If must, wash in washing machine in 30-40° and use a mesh lingerie bag. Delicate wash with low spin cycle recommended. The leggings are better to wash in washing machine, since they are not reversible and you can turn them inside out. You can wash the leggings in a normal 30-40° program.
  • Do not wring dry as twisting out your suit damages the fibers of the fabric. Instead, gently squeeze the water from the suit and lay flat to dry.
  • Do not lay your swimwear out in the sun to dry. Over the time, the sun can cause the fabric to fade and also can break the fibers which damage the elasticity of the swimsuit. Especially, do not tumble dry. The best way to dry it is to lay it flat indoors or outside in the shade.
  • Love & Recycle

Mori Collective Dark Matter One Piece

 Dark Matter Top & Alaosa. Pic: Aino Huotari

Mori Collective Dark Matter Leggings
 Dark Matter Leggings. Pic: Aino Huotari
Mori Collective Dark Matter Top Anna-Mari Yogobe
Anna-Mari wearing the Dark Matter Top. Pic: Matti Keski-Kohtamäki
The beautiful pictures of yoga instructor Anna-Mari are from her yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. Read more about Anna-Mari's yoga and retreats from annamariyoga.com For Anna-Mari, yoga is forever changing journey through body and mind. She wants to encourage to listen to your own body and create a space where you can to let go and relax. 


We continue our journey from under water to cosmic paths with our special timeless and conscious street and yoga wear. Seek through our swim and yoga wear HERE 


*Read more about rethinking plastics from "The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the Future of Plastics” by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2016)

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