WWF Collaboration

Mori Collective donates 20€ from each sold bomber jacket to WWF Finland’s work to protect endangered nature.

Welcome to the Jungle Bomber Jackets are mostly made of recycled materials. The idea for the bomber jacket came when we found an old WWF duvet cover with tigers on it. The first model of the bomber jacket had a tiger on its back. Later we have found and people have donated duvet covers that belong to the same collection. The new design for spring 2017 is a lion. We got a picture of a lion from WWF that we simplified to match the other prints.

WWF Collaboration

We are excited to collaborate with WWF Finland because their work for protecting endangered nature and species is important and something we want to support. The current overconsumption and the way we live threatens biodiversity. As the natural resources decrease, we should all consume in a more sustainable way, demand and buy quality. That’s why we in Mori Collective use mostly high quality, organic and recycled materials.

In addition, most of the jackets are unique; you can find only a few in the exact same material and colour. The outer fabric is carefully chosen from the recycled materials. The most of the fabrics come from Kierrätyskeskus Oy, The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd. Kierrätyskeskus is a nonprofit organisation, which receives, sorts out, sells and donates second-hand goods. Useless textile material is a great source of inspiration for us. Old, used, faded and useless good quality fabrics are excellent materials for new creations. Otherwise these materials would end up in the landfill. For that reason, the use of used and recycled fabrics is one of our core principles. That is also where the name DFD, Diamonds From Dirt, comes from.

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 Mori Collective Diamonds From Dirt WWF Finland (c) Vanessa Forsten

Mori Collective Diamonds From Dirt Gold WWF Finland (c) Vanessa Forsten

Mori Collective Diamonds From Dirt three colours WWF Finland (c) Vanessa Forsten

Mori Collective Diamonds From Dirt WWF Finland (c) Vanessa Forsten


Read more about how we use recycled materials from our previous blog post "Recycling - from waste to diamonds".

Amazing pictures by Vanessa Forstén.

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