The stories behind our most beloved MORICO patterns – Part 3: Kultakero

MORICO Wanderer Sweater Kultakero GOTS-certified organic cotton

Last week on our blog we shared with you the inspirations behind the MORICO pattern Marjaniemi. This week we are sharing with you another one of our patterns: Kultakero.

Kultakero pattern

Kultakero pattern is designed by talented illustrator Suvi Suitiala. The pattern has been inspired by the scenery of the fells of Lapland spesifically one of our favourite locations Pyhä Fell. The pattern was named after one of the peaks of Pyhä Fell: Kultakero. Suvi has perfectly captured the atmosphere from hiking and snowboarding in the peaks of Pyhä Fell.


Pyhä Fell Sunset Kultakero

Glimpses of sunshine captured from the top of the Pyhä Fell

The curves on the pattern are like the contours that mark the mountain peaks. On top of the fells of Lapland during winter you can witness astounding hues which can only rarely be seen above the horizon during the darkest time of the year kaamos (Polar Night). Kaamos is the phenomenon in which the sun doesn’t shine above the horizon. The glimpses of gold and light pink in the pattern represent the sun that hides for the entire winter.

MORICO Kultakero GOTS-certified organic cotton

Kultakero pattern on our 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric

Kultakero pattern is featured in our Hiding Sun collection that is inspired by the kaamos phenomenon. Kultakero pattern is presented in our Wanderer dresses and sweaters that are now on sale! There are also a few unique pieces made from Kultakero pre consumer scraps in collaboration with Wasteless Wonders. Check out the one of a kind design pieces here!

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