MORICO x VARJO Festival vibes

Our favourite festival Varjo is coming again next week. The festival is held on Kuusisaari, which is the neighboring island of our studio located in Pikisaari, only about a kilometer away. Next week MORICO also turns 9 years old, so Varjo is the best place to celebrate our birthday!

Varjo has a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere, friends, good food and drinks, art, a sandy beach and, best of all, many of our favourite bands and artists.

Can't wait for next week's weekend, so here are some pictures of last year's festival vibes!

The Varjo festival will take place again on June 14-15, 2024 in the beautiful Kuusisaari of Oulu. 
Varjo Festival:
MORICO Festival clothing: MORICO Forest Mind collection
See you soon at Varjo!  💗

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